Monday, November 19

Love and marriage...ten years later

Well, life has proved to move more quickly than I can, hence my lack of posting on this blog!!  Our family has had some MAJOR events happen since my last post, all of which are huge to me.  I am having a difficult time deciding where to begin!  July was a very busy month for us, filled with many amazing events (see previous post) and one of those events happened to be my ten year wedding anniversary.  My husband took me to New York was the trip of a lifetime to celebrate the love of a lifetime!  I know that sounds cheesy, but in my case it is actually true! 
If you know me or my husband, I'm not sure that our arrival at ten year would come as a surprise.  We were absolutely formed by God at birth to be each others' partner.  My husband truly is the ONE for me.  I will never forget the day I laid eyes on him for the very first time.  I was 18 years old and was beginning my very first week in college at the University of Central Arkansas.   I had visited my friend and was leaving her house, and I have to add that I had NOT expected to see anyone else (the phrase hot mess comes to mind) so I didn't exactly dress up (um, jammie pants anyone?).  So as I walked out the door to head to my car, I turned and made eye contact with the dreamiest boy I had ever seen.  It was as though heaven opened and rays of light from the throne room itself cast a glow around his head....well maybe not that dramatic, but I did think he was pretty hot.  There was something about him, I couldn't put my finger on it...maybe it was his eyes (they still get me to this day) but I felt drawn to him.  He seemed different.  I turned to my friend and asked her who he was.  Then I told her I would marry him someday. 
So I had to get about the business of meeting him, and quick. 
I went about strategically placing myself at parties and gathering I heard he would be attending.  And every time he would get around me or near enough to speak, my thought processes shut down and my mouth would not form coherent sentences.  Awesome.  I was suppose to marry this boy and I couldn't even tell him my name.  Finally, sensing my desperation, my friends coordinated a situation where he and I would "just happen" to be left alone together.  By this point he had heard from many of my sorority sisters that I had a crush on him...ugh, I sounded like a pitiful freshman girl desperate for an older boyfriend.  I didn't know what he would be like or think of me.  But the night that we talked for the first time turned into an eight hour conversation.  Which turned into four years of dating.  Which led into ten years of marriage.  And I often look at him and feel that same flutter in my heart.  He was the first gift of God's redemption process in my life.  A glimpse of what true unconditional love looks like in human form.  I don't know where I would be without him, but I do know that with him I am a much more confidant, secure, loved, and appreciated version of myself.  So, on our tenth anniversary I would say to my husband, thank you for loving me, and making so many of my dreams come true. 

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