Sunday, August 25

Faith and the Fig Tree is moving!!

In an effort to be a little more organized and streamlined I have combined a few social media outlets into one website!  Come on over to and follow or subscribe to continue getting bog post updates from Faith and the Fig Tree!!

Wednesday, July 31

My littlest man turned 2!!

Okay, so I know I have one more item on my "top 5 things that have happened in my life since January" list (and I know you are waiting on the edge of your seat for it) but I first have to dedicate a birthday post to my littlest man, who is now officially 2 years old... in all of it's chatterbox, tantrum throwing, exerting his independence, glory. I am so crazy about this kid...he brings such fun and joy to our family!  Happy Birthday little man!

Loving his Cookie Monster and entertaining everyone while he has all of our attention!

Such a sweet man on his first day in this world, he has two ladies in his life who love him sooo much!